Ergonomic Workstation


Ergonomic Workstation Setup

Tips on how to set up your computer / desk work space. 

1. Arrange the items you use most often nearest to you e.g. keyboard and mouse. 

2. Items you use less frequently can be placed slightly further away from you e.g. printer and items such as envelopes you use less frequently can be placed a distance away from you, encouraging you to get up and move around intermittently during your day.

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WicklowNews.Net - Wicklow Chiropractor


The Chiropractor, Wicklow Town

Since opening his chiropractic clinic in Wicklow Town almost two years ago, Vincent Pippet has experienced the growing pains of starting a new business.  “Any start-up is challenging,” he said. “It’s time consuming – doing the paperwork, trying to get a website sorted, finding a premises – and none of it is free. That is definitely a challenge.”

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Keep Moving When Aging


   Late starters' still have much to gain by exercising 

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Choosing a School Bag For Your Child


    Even with a never ending list of things to do, it is important to choose the right school bag for your child as it will be carried by them throughout the school year.  Here are a few tips to help protect their developing spines and maybe make your choice a little easier:

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Spring Gardening & Avoiding Back Pain



Winter seems to be over, and for those with an interest in gardening, the season is well underway.  Spring is probably the busiest season in the garden, plants are waking up, tidying is done after a long winter, and new plants are sewn for the year ahead.

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Posture - Good v's Evil




Posture - Good  v  Evil

Spring is here and most of us are hoping to spend more time outside and active, be it in the garden, doing some exercise or at a gig.  Having good posture is an important step in preventing back pain during any activity.  The first signs of back pain are easy to ignore, especially when busy with our modern lifestyles, our families or our work. 

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